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Located in the Karantina area, annexed to Art Lounge Gallery, Artheum is primarily an area of freedom, an interdisciplinary and multifunctional space for the creative arts. Housed in a former early 20th century industrial unit, which has been converted into a versatile gallery space, Artheum enjoys a large, open space with high ceilings, ideal for both two and three-dimensional work. The space naturally lends itself to showcasing contemporary art and hosting cultural events, and offers an excellent location for film and photography shoots. It is also suitable for fashion shows, concerts, dance parties and corporate events.

The name Artheum, a contraction of Art-Theatre-Museum, indicates a fragmented space in the narrative, without predetermined orientation and open to an infinite number of possible projects and connections. Artheum's ultimate mission is to promote contemporary art and culture through a carefully planned series of art events and fairs with experimental and interdisciplinary aspects, ranging from the Beirut Photo Fair to Beirut Bloom, contemporary art fair and the Furniture Design Expo.

However, the concept of Artheum extends beyond the physical space of the gallery, to reflect upon the fundamentals of how art exists in display and how this might be redefined.

A professionally managed exhibition and project space open to all art mediums, with a series of innovative art events scheduled for 2013, Artheum aims to promote collaborations between a growing number of art lovers, curators and artists, creating opportunities for new practices and discourses to emerge and encouraging artists & designers to embrace this unusual and challenging multifunctional art space.


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