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With fashion becoming the focus of an increasing number of museum exhibitions and a multitude of artists now collaborating with luxury labels, the distinct line that once separated fashion and art is more blurred.

Is fashion art? fashion is art! Fashion is not art!

While the topic continues to be debated, and while a definitive answer may never be reached, we, at Artheum, are launching the Beirut Fashion Expo, an artistic exhibition of cutting-edge fashion design with that ‘extra’ twist, which will distinguish it from every other exhibition of sort and give this show its ambitious edge.

Following the Beirut Photo Fair, The Furniture Design Expo, The Jewelery Design Week, and the much anticipated Beirut Bloom, Artheum presents the upcoming Beirut Fashion Expo (BFE), a one-of-a-kind fashion exhibition to acknowledge and promote the work of Lebanese and Arab fashion designers, in an unconventional manner. This show is also another opportunity to celebrate Beirut’s role as a creative capital, a place where artists of all kinds congregate and inspire one another, as they create great design, innovative and daring artistic work.

During this exhibition, the Artheum will be home to new and established local and regional brands created by the hottest fashion designers the Arab world has to offer, and whom will be gathered under one-roof to present their mind-blowing artistic set-up, all brands will be displayed in a fashionable and artful manner in order to highlight each creator’s inspirational world.

Alongside imaginative installations, visitors will come to discover a fashion world with a twist allowing interesting networking and good vibes to flow, of course all accompanied by good music, and great fun in a creative bursting environment--that is also connected to Art Lounge, hence facilitating the loungy and informal atmosphere that will be naturally established all though.

Beirut Fashion Expo Positioning:

The entire exhibition will be set to look like one is entering a contemporary art gallery, where every piece displayed pops up like an art piece, hence speaks about the mood and inspiration of its creator.

At Beirut Fashion Expo (BFE), the hottest emerging fashion designers in town and from across the region will showcase their collection in an artful way-- one that represents them most and reflects their world while defining their brand identity.


To present the industry with a stunning array of fashion designers—a never-seen fashion gathering of this magnitude.

Presenting the latest designs from a mix of stylish labels aimed at a trend-led audience looking to buy fashion pieces with a twist.

As the high street continues to be over taken by dominating fashion powerhouses and brands, BFE is the perfect opportunity for fashion insiders and buyers to identify fresh talent plus provide an all-important insight into current state of the local and regional fashion industry.
To support the Lebanese and Arab fashion industry’s up and coming talent.

For buyers on the lookout for fashion-led, progressive designs, BFE offers the most inspirational designs in the market, as we will be showcasing unique clothing & accessories from independent fashion labels (local and regional).

Call for fashion designers - Why participate?

Maximize your presence at BFE and give your brand the edge with an artful display with pieces that reflect most your world.

Visitors will be able to identify your brand value and what makes you unique to stand out on the high street.

Your presence will reflect your identity and your stand display should mirror this by offering unique pieces you're most proud of.

With more than 20 brands on display at June’s BFE, Lebanese and international buyers can source and place orders for collections within women's wear, footwear, accessories and young fashion.

Ensure you gain your share of the market by being present among top fashion designers through what aims to be Lebanon's leading fashion buying event, a focal point for everyone in the fashion, art & design fields.

Through Artheum’s comprehensive and fully integrated communication campaign (Advertising/Mktg/PR and social media) participants have not only great chances to get their brand right under the buyer’s noses. But are also guaranteed to raise their profile before, during and after the show.

Interested parties are invited to contact ARTHEUM by email to in order to receive more information on how to apply.


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The Artheum Team