Beirut Bloom:
ABOUT Beirut Bloom

Artheum is excited to launch the Beirut Bloom, Contemporary Art Fair to celebrate Lebanon and the Middle East’s new generation of artists. This unique curatorial-led project will become a regular feature on Artheum’s art and cultural events calendar. Our events have always been about bringing thrilling new art to the widest possible audience, so we hope to see this show evolve into the foremost annual event for emerging artists.

Beirut is gradually becoming an art hub, with more talents surfacing, who are now willing to exhibit their passion for and dedication to the arts. There is however an immense amount of largely unrecognized talent among young artists in Beirut. Beirut Bloom encourages this artistic development, by spotlighting the most exciting new finds. In cooperation with the city’s leading galleries, the Fair presents the works of young, emerging and mid-career artists. For many artists, it will represent the first time to have their works exhibited.

The space at Artheum will be transformed into a vibrant and exciting display of contemporary art. Visitors will find many different artistic mediums and styles, including original paintings and drawings, limited editions, sculptures, photography, multimedia, and installations. With hundreds of artworks on display, and an exciting roster of galleries from Lebanon and beyond, the art fair captures the spirit and diversity within Lebanon and the Middle East’s emerging contemporary art scene.

Serving primarily the development of the region’s art markets, and dedicated to the under-served market segment of accessible art, Beirut Bloom will serve as an efficient commercial platform and will be a rare opportunity for new and experienced international collectors to view works, buy directly from artists and also benefit from the distinguished collections of a number of leading local galleries. For artists, it will represent a successful sales forum.

We will present our exhibitors in a relaxed yet professional setting, giving them an excellent platform to showcase their work while allowing them to talk about their work directly with the public. Art enthusiasts will be able to wander in a casual environment, meeting gallery owners and artists.

The aim of Beirut Bloom, Contemporary Art Fair is to create a community of art enthusiasts, gallery owners and collectors that are focused on the most exciting up-and-coming artists, and to demystify the art world and make it truly accessible to everyone. Our vision is to be stimulating and inclusive. The Fair will create a platform that pushes for a dialogue, to allow a larger audience to participate in Beirut’s already vibrant art and cultural scene.

This ten-day event is a must-go so mark your calendars


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